Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hi everybody,
Hope you are all fine and have not gone done with flu or caught any other nasty bugs which seem to be running wild around us.
I have decided to start a blog so that everything is in the same place since I haven't been able to contact some people yet.
I will include what I sent in the first mail and then add some more material. The homework will have to be sent to me as an attachment in a word doc to my mail.

Let’s begin with the homework you haven’t handed in yet:

- photocopy Module 3D – Tense revision

- photocopy Quicktest Module 3

- Letter page 37 in your book. Read the rubric in the box and write the letter.

- Vocabulary exercises on page 38 (a, b and c)

- Reading on page 39

Ex a: Write four sentences beginning like this:

I think it will be a good thing that people ..............

I don’t think it will be a good thing that ...........................

Ex b: True/False/Doesn’t say

NB: (this means pay attention to this: if you don’t understand the meaning of househusband, remember what housewife means. Understand it now?)

- Can you say this in English? (page 39)

Ex a:

Tell me about your plans for tonight. (Write at least one)

Tell me about your plans for next year. (Write at least one)

Make three future predictions about Rosario. Write them down.

Make three promises about your English. Write them down.

Ex b Re-order the words to make questions.

I would like you to do the exercises and send them to me by mail.(as an attachement in a word doc, so that I can edit it easily) I’ll correct them and send you feedback. Mind you, you should send them to me before July 9th, because then I won’t be in Rosario.

If you have any questions, please email me. Write in English, don’t worry about mistakes, just try. This will give you really good practice.

Please, keep visiting the blog because I will be publishing different kinds of assignments (some of them will count as homework).

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